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Durst Security Group (DSG) is a top security service provider throughout New England. We offer security solutions for domestic, business and, specifically, for the cannabis industry.

The impressive skill set of our personnel allows us to specialize in many security areas where our skilled professionals have deep knowledge and years of experience.

Put our team to work so you’re confident that you and your business are as secure as they need to be.

Unfortunately, feeling safe and secure in today’s world is more difficult than it used to be.  So give us a call today at 207-228-3885, and put our team to work so you’re confident that you and your business are as secure as they need to be.

Domestic Security

Domestic Security

Our highly respected security professionals bring with them their law enforcement and military experience so that you can have a safe and secure environment for yourself and those you care about.

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Cannabis Security

As a leader in security solutions, we have developed a multi-pronged suite of services to add structure and support to this emerging industry.  We have staff specialists who anticipate and put plans in place to tackle the issues that occur with this unique product.

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Business Security

Threats against business, as well as the potential for loss and liability, are greater than ever in today’s business environment. Information, knowledge, and experienced resources are key to lessening that risk in all areas of your industry.

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Scott Durst
Scott DurstFounder
Scott founded Durst Security Group in 2014 after returning from overseas details and began his focus on the lack of security and safety in the cannabis industry. He has been providing a range of services to that industry which include transporting currency from dispensaries to banking institutions around the state.

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Vicki Denbow
Vicki DenbowCannabis Security Consultant
For the past 5 years, Vicki has worked as a Logistics/Security Manager for Maine’s largest Medical Marijuana Company. While in that role, Vicki has focused on improving services for members and employees in the areas of security, safety, facilities, and the transfer of products and services. Vicki employs advanced analytic and state of the art security equipment as well as GPS tracking tools, thus creating and maintaining training, procedures and policies.

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Joseph K. Loughlin
Joseph K. LoughlinSecurity Consultant
Joe currently consults for 3SI International Security Systems and functions as a regional coordinator of police trainings and special projects. He is a former Assistant Chief of Police for the City of Portland, Maine. He served as the Interim Chief in 2008 and retired from service in January 2010 after 30 years of police work. He has the historic distinction of achieving and serving in every single sworn rank within the Portland Police Department. He is one of the original founders of the police peer support team and employee assistance network.

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I understand there are new regulations for the use of drones for both private and commercial use. I want to make sure I hire someone who is properly licensed. Are you? 2018-06-08T17:19:06+00:00

The State of Maine requires a commercial license when operating a drone. There is an extensive background check followed by a lengthy flight test before being provided a license to operate a drone. DSG has two staff members who are certified to operate drones in the state.

I suspect that an employee is embezzling from me. How do I prove it? 2018-06-08T17:17:52+00:00

DSG has two experienced, state-certified professional Investigators who will meet with you and examine the information that is pointing to possible theft. We’ll explain what tools and options can be used to produce results with either prosecution or termination.

Why would I hire DSG as plain clothes security for an event? 2018-06-08T12:41:14+00:00

DSG believes that providing a discrete, low key appearance in any event large or small will give the security team the advantage of blending into the crowd. This allows them to walk around the event unnoticed, collecting any information that may raise a red flag of a possible threat to the crowd. By doing so, we are able to immediately react to that threat. We work hand in hand with local law enforcement and the event security staff to be proactive with the goal of preventing a security situation from developing.


If I want to learn to handle a gun, can I find a qualified instructor who can train me one on one? 2018-06-08T17:16:43+00:00

DSG has one of the best firearms instructors in the country on its team. Peter Joyce has been recognized as a leader in providing cutting edge training throughout Maine and the US. Peter and staff will help those who have never held or fired a gun become educated, comfortable, and confident. We also work with experienced firearm owners who are looking to expand their knowledge and training.

Are you bonded and insured to transport sensitive items and documents? 2018-06-08T17:15:21+00:00

DSG is fully bonded through Lloyd’s of London and all couriers carry the maximum of vehicle insurance.

How can I protect my witness who needs to testify but is feeling threatened? 2018-06-08T12:40:21+00:00

The DSG team are retired men and women of law enforcement with many years of security and safety experience protecting those who need help protecting themselves. We have a close working relationship with local and state law enforcement agencies as well as the court system. We ensure that all who need help are given it. Services include escorting the client to and from court, attending a court appearance, and providing a liaison with the DA and AG’s office along with the law enforcement departments that may be involved.


Why do I need to establish a relationship with the local police force? 2018-06-08T17:21:09+00:00

One of our biggest tools is our law enforcement liaison program, where we bring dispensary owners, grow owners and staff together with local and state departments and agencies to form a transparent and close working relationship.

How does my company establish a good working relationship with local police? 2018-06-08T17:20:08+00:00

The cornerstone of Durst Security Group is its staff. These security specialists are either former or retired law enforcement officers along with military veterans who have extensive security training and experience. We have formed a highly respected relationship with local, state and federal law enforcement throughout Maine and bring those connections to our clients.

What sets Durst Security Group apart from other security companies in the Cannabis Industry? 2018-06-08T12:42:13+00:00

Since cannabis is considered a Class 1 drug on the federal side and still illegal, even in states like Maine who have legalized either medical or recreational cannabis, many hurdles still remain.

With four years of experience in this industry, we are able to handle the logistics of this unique product, including the identification of financial institutions that will accept large quantities of currency, and safe and secure transportation of cash and cannabis products.

DSG provides tracking devices to add another layer of safety and security for employees, customers and law enforcement personnel.